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Enjoy the beauty of a wood-burning fire

Add elegance and warmth to your living space
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Heat a small to medium-sized room with ease

Enhance your home’s ambiance with this sleek design

Imagine coming home to the comforting warmth and mesmerising glow of the Tara wood-burning fireplace by Plamen.

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Its sleek circular design and vertical glass door not only add a touch of modern elegance to your living space but also offer a captivating view of the dancing flames within. Despite its compact size, the Tara weighs an impressive 85 kg, showcasing its durability and resilience against the chilliest of winters. Designed to heat small to medium-sized rooms with ease, this fireplace boasts an exceptional efficiency rating of 84% and an A+ energy class rating, ensuring both warmth and cost savings for the discerning homeowner. Visit our showroom in Fourways!

Elevate your home with a Plamen fireplace

Where style, efficiency, and quality meet

Plamen fireplaces aren’t just about aesthetics – they’re about functionality and performance.

With excellent radiant heating capabilities that continue to warm your home long after the last log of wood has been added, these closed-combustion fireplaces ensure that most of the heat is released directly into your living space, keeping you cosy and comfortable. Each fireplace comes complete with a heat-protective glove and wood stoker, providing everything you need for a hassle-free and enjoyable fireside experience. Elevate your home with a Plamen fireplace – where style, efficiency, and quality converge to create an inviting atmosphere that enhances every moment spent indoors. Contact us for a quote!

Create a captivating focal point in any space 

Experience the warmth, beauty, and efficiency of the Nera fireplace

Plamen fireplaces are synonymous with durability and reliability, and the Nera is no exception.

Crafted from high-quality cast iron, each unit is built to withstand the rigours of winter after winter, promising years of dependable performance. With attention to detail evident in every aspect of its design and construction, the Nera is not just a fireplace – it’s a statement piece that adds both style and functionality to any home. Experience the warmth, beauty, and efficiency of the Nera fireplace and elevate your living space to new heights of comfort and sophistication.