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Whether it’s for functional or aesthetic purposes, a fireplace is essential. And with today’s innovations and technologies, it’s possible to include a fireplace in virtually any room in your residential or commercial project.
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Considering a fireplace for house renovation & construction projects?

From an electric fireplace in the office, a gas fireplace in the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, to a wood fireplace in the outdoor living space, the options are seemingly endless, and the benefits are so rewarding. So when planning a new home build or a home improvement project, consider these reasons for incorporating a fireplace in your home.


Reasons for adding a fireplace to your home

Here are some of the top benefits of adding a fireplace to your home.


A fireplace adds value and appeal to your home

Who doesn’t love a house with a fireplace? If you ever decide to sell your home, chances are you’ll be able to attract more home buyers and ask for a higher sale price with a fireplace installed.

Fireplaces increase the perceived value of a home. So having one will set your home apart from others on the market, giving it that bonus appeal that other homes may not offer, and increasing your home’s value as a result.


Save on energy bills!

Fireplaces offer zone heating in homes, which helps reduce heating costs. Zone heating refers to heating the room(s) you use most often with a fireplace, and lowering the heat in the other rooms throughout the home to save on energy costs throughout the winter.

So instead of having the heat cranked up throughout your home during peak energy times and heating rooms with no one in them, you can lower the heat in these rooms and stay warm with your fireplace. Fireplaces are also useful for providing enough warmth during the unpredictable in-between weather, when it’s not cold enough to turn on your home’s heating, but it’s still chilly enough that you could use some supplemental warmth.

So along with saving on energy bills all winter long, fireplaces can also help you save on heating costs during the in-between cold weather in spring, fall, and sometimes even summer.


Added ambiance

No matter the types of fireplaces you use, a fireplace will add instant ambiance to a room. Fireplaces have a calming effect on us both physically and mentally. The warmth and flames relax our bodies and our minds, making for comfortable, cozy evenings by the fire.

And the warm atmosphere created by a fireplace makes occasions more special and festive, such as when you are spending time with family or hosting guests—especially in winter and during the holidays.


Warm up the home

Fireplaces are an excellent source of supplemental heat for your home. A fireplace can warm up a room very quickly, keep it well heated for hours, and eliminate the chill on damp and frigid days.

And in the depth of winter, a fireplace will give your home the additional warmth you need without cranking up the thermostat in your home.


Easy installation

Adding a fireplace to a room is not as difficult as you might think. Electric fireplaces can be installed virtually anywhere in a house since they don’t require venting. And even gas fireplaces have many installation options since they can be installed next to combustible building materials without the risk of fire.

Direct-vent fireplaces are vented directly out of the home. They can be installed on an exterior wall, or they can have a power-vent system that vents up to 100 feet with turns in the vent. So instead of being restricted to exterior walls, a gas fireplace with a power-vent system can be installed almost anywhere in the home—e.g., in the middle of a room.

And if you’re building a new home, including a wood-burning fireplace in the design will make for an easier addition.


Environmentally friendly

Reducing the use of your furnace or electric baseboards and your home’s energy consumption make fireplaces environmentally-friendly home heating options. Fireplaces make homes more energy efficient by reducing the demand on home heating systems throughout the winter and during the unpredictable in-between months.


Clean burning

If you want a clean-burning fireplace in your home, consider a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces burn clean, giving off much fewer particulates than wood fireplaces. Although most people love the smell of wood-burning fireplaces, many municipalities have bans on burning wood due to pollution.

A clean-burning fireplace will not only maintain better air quality inside your home, but it will also minimize the outdoor air pollution.


Lots of styles and designs to choose from

Whether you want a fireplace in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or basement, there are many different styles of fireplaces to choose from to suit any room in your home. From traditional wood fireplaces to sleek contemporary designs, there’s a style for any décor. There are even fireplaces that hang on the wall like a flat-screen TV or a piece of artwork.

So if you’re planning a home improvement project or a new home build, consider these reasons for including a fireplace in your designs. And browse the various fireplace styles at for inspiration on the best type for your home.