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Elegance Redefined

Discover the ultimate fireplace elegance with Hergom Mallorca!

Visit our showroom at Ecofire and feel the warmth!
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Are you tired of chilly evenings and uninspiring room decor? Look no further! Hergom has crafted a masterpiece that combines sustainability, functionality, and exquisite design. Introducing the Hergom Mallorca Metal Fireplace – a statement piece that transforms any space with high ceilings into a warm, inviting haven. Whether you’re a homeowner, a guest in a lodge, an architect, or an interior designer, the Hergom Mallorca Fireplace is your answer to both aesthetic beauty and efficient heating. Let’s delve into the details and ignite your passion for exceptional living.

Elegance redefined

The Hergom Mallorca Fireplace isn’t just a heat source; it’s a conversation starter. Its sleek design, resistant ceramic glass, and interior lighting create a mesmerising ambiance. Imagine cosy evenings by the fire, gazing through the glass as flames dance gracefully. Whether suspended from the ceiling or placed on the floor, the Hergom Mallorca Fireplace becomes the heart of your living room or office. Visit our showroom at Ecofire and feel the warmth!

Eco-friendly luxury

Hergom’s commitment to sustainability shines through the Mallorca Fireplace. By using wood as fuel, you contribute to a cleaner world. The fireplace’s efficiency and low emissions make it an eco-warrior. Plus, its matt black finish complements any decor. Visit Ecofire – your gateway to responsible luxury.

Architectural brilliance

Architects love the Hergom Mallorca’s versatility. It’s not just a fireplace; it’s a design element. Imagine it in a grand foyer, a boutique hotel lounge, or a contemporary office. The rotating glass panels allow seamless integration into any architectural vision. Let your creativity ignite!

Interior designer's secret weapon

Interior designers adore Hergom Mallorca’s clean lines and radiant glow. It’s not just about heat; it’s about aesthetics. Picture it in a minimalist penthouse or a rustic lodge. The call to action is clear: Visit Ecofire, explore the Hergom Mallorca Fireplace and elevate your design game.