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Infiniti Fires

14Kw Convection Box

Our Convection Boxes are designed to be able to stand on either a non-combustible floor surface, such as concrete, tile, or granite, or they can be placed on top of one of our Wood Boxes.


IMPORTANT: Before using sizing for & drawings, please contact us for assistance. Our final quote will include projected costs for installation and labour if using our installation team.

Infiniti Fires, 14kw Convection Box

Traditionally wood stoves have two air control levers – one to control the primary air brought into the base of the fire – and one to control air brought into the top of the fire. This is to improve combustion efficiency, lower emissions into the atmosphere, and keep the door/glass clean and cool. There is some thought involved in how to adjust these controls correctly for best effect combustion.

Our 14 Kw single sided stoves utilise our 1 Touch Air Control. This single air control is located at the bottom of the door, where it is much cooler to the touch. It easily adjusts air flow in the correct proportions to the top, rear and base of the stove, to maximise efficiency and ensure clean burning – making these units much simpler to use than many other wood stoves.



Brand: Infiniti Fires

Type: Slow Combustion Fireplace

Sub Style: Freestanding

Energy Source: Wood

Flue Size: 150mm

Dimensions – 14Kw Convection Unit

H 630mm x W 750mm x D 405mm

Dimensions – 14Kw Convection Unit With Wood Storage Box

H 1085mm x W 833mm x D 428mm

Dimensions – 14Kw Convection Unit With Long Tapered Legs

H 1032mm x W 866mm x D 472mm

Dimensions – 14Kw Convection Unit With Tapered Legs

H 883mm x W 835mm x D 428mm

Dimensions – 14Kw Convection Unit With Slimline Legs

H 883mm x W 835mm x D 428mm