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AVIN Residential Pizza Oven

304 grade (Standard)

The stainless steel dome makes it possible to maintain a stable heat temperature. It promotes natural circulation of heat, creating a convection effect that can cook a pizza within a matter of minutes, even seconds. The floor both retains heat and conducts it to the surface for cooking food or heating up your AVIN. The wood is the radiant heat source. Amazing, unmatched and Unique Flavours.


  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Dimensions: 920 × 630 × 465 cm
  • Type: Pizza Ovens
  • Fuel: Wood
  • Colour: Colour / Brushed, Custom, Elite


IMPORTANT: Before using sizing for & drawings, please contact us for assistance. Our final quote will include projected costs for installation and labour if using our installation team.

AVIN Residential Pizza Oven 304 grade (Standard)

Our Standard range, refined and crafted by professionals that love their job.




The Standard AVIN colour coated colours are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Black, White & Brushed


The Pastel AVIN colours are: Cotton Candy, Mint Cream, Purple Pudding, Bubblegum Blue & Yellow Butter

Elite Range

The AVIN Elite Range are superior colour requests that are welcomed for possible creation such as: Rose Gold & Midnight black, Ruby Midnight, Gun metal Chrome, Copper etc. (An intense, 5 step “candy system”)

Custom Range

The AVIN Custom Range is where we let our customer’s imagination run wild: patterns, prints, even company logos.


Available in Matt or Gloss

  • Oven Specifications: Outside dimensions – 920mm W (left to right) x 630mm L (depth) x 600 H.
  • Inside Dimensions – 700mm W x 465mm D. Weight: 85kg
  • Chimney Spec: 900mm H, Weight is 5kg
  • Door opening: 260mm x 400mm
  • Fits 2 standard large (30cm) pizzas with ease

A note for caution, these dimensions should be kept in mind with all door spaces the AVIN would need to fit through to be placed in its area of choice.


  • Not imported – Handmade and assembled at the AVIN factory in South Africa.
  • Everlasting due to the design and high quality materials used for manufacturing
  • Comfort and convenience – completely mobile
  • Endless Possibility – elevate your outdoor or indoor setups
  • Copious, a multipurpose appliance – Cook and Bake anything
  • Savings – in Energy and time – cook in super speed or slow down for a roast
  • Distribution – nationwide

AVIN stainless steel Ovens are made from high quality stainless steel, resulting in:

  • Higher corrosion resistance
  • Higher cryogenic toughness
  • Higher work hardening rate
  • Higher hot strength
  • Higher ductility
  • Higher strength and hardness
  • A more attractive appearance
  • Lower maintenance



Ecofire is the Johannesburg authorised dealer of AVIN pizza ovens.

Available in:

  • Colour (matt/gloss) / Brushed aluminium
  • Elite (metallic)
  • Custom (air brushed artistic designer finish)


  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Dimensions: 920 × 630 × 465 cm
  • Type: Pizza Ovens
  • Fuel: Wood
  • Colour: Colour / Brushed, Custom, Elite